Noise in offices


What is noise?

Noise is often defined as unwanted sound and is typically measured in the unit decibel (dBA), which is also referred to as the sound pressure level.

The sound pressure level in an open office space will typically be between 40-75 dBA, depending on the type of work tasks in the office.


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Work tasks and noise levels

It may be difficult to figure out how noisy or quiet your office is. One thing that can help is to think about the level of concentration or amount of conversation needed to perform a typical task in your office. Here are some general indicators to follow:

Quiet office: 45-50 dB

Primarily non-verbal tasks, such as reading, writing and programming


Normal office: 50-55 dB

Tasks such as reading and writing, but also some conversation with colleagues


Noisy office: 55-60 dB

Tasks that require frequent conversation and telephone calls



Using Noise Guide

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How to handle noise

There are a number of ways to handle noise in offices, ranging from ways to decorate the interior of the office that will minimize the nuisances of noise to setting up guidelines or rules of conduct for your office.

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